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  • Find Influencers by location and category
  • Advanced filters to find the right influencer
  • Analyze & Contact the Influencers
  • Over 3 million Influencers worldwide


Engage with Influencers to moderate the content.

  • Contact with influencers and offer them a collaboration
  • Review and approve the contents
  • In-built chat module to collaborate with influencers
  • Help your campaign reach more people by optimizing content and posts in real-time


No need to spend additional funds on testing and finding your audience - the influencer has already fostered this audience on social media.

  • Improved word-of-mouth advertising
  • Increased number of expert opinions gained
  • Triple your brand exposure by using influencers on your campaigns

Measure success

Track and Measure.

  • Effortlessly prove your campaign's digital impact
  • Live metrics and data that are always ready to be shared
  • Pre-built, customizable reports that anyone can understand

What we do?

We represents the voice of Indian Influencers and provide them opportunities.

We take pride in creating 5 out of top 10 Indian Influencers.

Our Mission is to empower influencers and help each of the Influencer in bringing his/her creativity in front of the world.

Our story

Founded in 2016, we started as an influencer platform then pivoted into providing opportunities and empower influencers. As one of the largest Indian multi-channel-network (MCN), we take pride in building resources, space and opportunities for 5 out of Top 10 Influencers already along with 35 others to showcase their talent, creativity and passion.

Our dedicated team of sales and marketing professionals along with our in house production team work very closely with brands and influencers to produce high quality digital content.

Why us?

It started with an idea, a camera and you, now you have an YouTube channel that you’re proud of. We value your work, our aim is to help you grow your audience, manage rights of your content and Yes!, get the brand deals possible. We are here for you no matter if you’re a creators finding your way, a mid-sized creator looking to make it big, or a big creator wants to make it biggest.

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Biggest Network

World’s biggest network of Influencers across social platforms.

Inbuilt Chat

Communicate directly with influencers.

Inbuilt Filters

Filter for location, industry, gender, platform, price, and more.

Multi Genre

Work with Influencers specialized in fashion, beauty, F&B, travel, mommy / baby, health & fitness, home & design, and more.


Insights of your campaigns showing reach, shares, comments, likes, and more.

Easy Payment

Integrated payment gateway provides seamless experience.

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Brandzup Media partners with everyone, from newly created startups to international companies.

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